Amplify Your Life By Developing Your Goals

Are you ready for a larger, greater, and stronger life?  is one of the best ways to amplify your life.

According to, to amplify is: 1. to make larger, greater, or stronger; enlarge; extend.2. to expand in stating or describing, as by details or illustrations; clarify by expanding.

Did you know that you can expand your life in stating and describing your goals?

When we reach down inside ourselves to tap into our deepest desires, we can articulate and amplify those desires into a vision of what we want for our lives.

developing your goalsI can’t think of a better reason for you and me to develop our goals!

But in the hustle and bustle of life, we can find ourselves mindlessly running on a hamster wheel.  Round and round we go, but we never get anywhere?

Last week I talked about visualizing your ideal day as one way to gain clarity on your goals.

This week I’d like to share some questions that will help you gain a vision for the outcomes you want in your life.

Anne Clarke, life coach, and author of the website, Setting and Achieving Goals, designed a goal setting worksheet to help you figure out your deepest desires.

I urge you to do the following:

a) Sit down, open up your calendar/planner, and schedule 2 solid hours for yourself.  No interruptions!

b) Write down the answers to the questions on the worksheet.

Don’t judge yourself.  Write freely.  Speak into a recorder if you’ve got an auditory learning style.  Or draw and sketch out the answers to the questions, if you are more of a visual person.

Here Are Some Key Questions For Developing Your Goals:

1.  If you could wave a wand and have 3 wishes, what would you wish for the buckets in your life?

  • God and spirituality
  • Family and friends
  • Work and career
  • Community and Service
  • Financial
  • Personal growth and development

2.  What would be your top priorities if you learned you had only 6 months to live?

You can include the buckets for this question as well.

3.  What would you do if you won $10 million dollars, tax-free, tomorrow?

After the excitement subsided, how would you spend your time.  Again, you can include the buckets when answering this question.

Go Through Your List

“Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energy on a limited set of targets”  Nido Qubein

Pick One Goal.

Yes, one goal.  Why do I say just one goal?  Because if you’re like me, your life is complex.  There is so much going on, that it’s hard to take time just to do the exercise of going through the above questions!

Also, if you just pick one goal, you can concentrate all your energies on that one goal.  Success breeds success.  After you carry out this goal, you’ll gather the momentum needed to go after the next one.

Give Yourself a GOST of a Chance

Rich Horwath taught me about the GOST achievement method  in his fabulous book, Strategy For You: Building a Bridge to the Life You Want.

The GOST framework, per Mr. Horwath, is “a simple framework to help people understand the differences between goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics.

Below is an example from his book.

Goal: what you are trying to achieve Objective: Fleshes out the details: It is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound) Strategy (general resource allocation plan) Tactic (specifically how you will carry out your strategy)
What What How How
General Specific General Specific
Become closer to my spouse or partner Have a date night with my spouse every week at a new restaurant Dedicate thoughtful time to my spouse to rekindle our relationship -Download Urbanspoonapp to mobile phone to find potential restaurants-Build a database of restaurants, including their locations and phone numbers-Create a list of live entertainment establishments and other recreational venues-Develop a calendar just for date night, and populate it with choices

A Gost

Here is a GOST_Goal_Setting_Template to help you meet your most important life outcome from this goal setting exercise.

Fill it out and start amplifying your life!

Let Me Know How It Goes!

I’d love to hear your success stories!  Share your comments below or contact me and let me know about the one life change you’ve made.
photo credit: Loco Steve


  1. says

    Hi Steve:

    I really like how you gave a clear strategy on how to come up with goals. That is very helpful. Another tool I have used for goals is SWOP: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Potential problems. I will have to give GOST a try.

    Kevin Martineau recently posted…2 great summer campsMy Profile

    • says

      Kevin, thanks for mentioning the SWOP model. You’ve given me some food for thought for a future article! :)

  2. says

    Great strategies, Stephen! Two hours sounds like a lot of time, but to do this is like using a key to open the door to a vast new world of productivity. I’ve spent some time recently, simplifying my own life. This way I can focus on a few well chosen tasks, and I get far more done that way.

    Willena Flewelling
    Willena Flewelling recently posted…Be All In – Take Action!My Profile

    • says

      Willena, thanks for the comments on simplifying life. Can you share some tips with us on how you’ve simplified your life? What steps did you take?

  3. says

    I’m a huge fan of dedicated planning time Steve. The biggest challenge I find working at home is separating myself from the ‘work’ to clear my mind to plan and work on goals. If I’m at my desk it’s just too tempting to get maybe a couple of those quick ‘to dos’ out of the way. So in my case what works best is to intentionally schedule a planning day – start with some time outside – a walk in the park or whatever and then me and my trusty laptop spend a couple of quality hours either at the local no-name-coffee shop (Starbucks is too crowded and noisy!) or even the library. I also like your suggestion about picking ‘one’ goal because it’s just so easy to fall into overwhelm and end up stalling otherwise. Thanks!
    marquita herald recently posted…Balance Function with Intention to Clear Clutter, Save Time and Reduce StressMy Profile

    • says

      Marquita, I’m with you on dedicating a day off just for planning. I haven’t done it yet, though. So I am committing to scheduling it today! Our planning time is Golden time, according to Steven Covey of 7 Habits of Successful People. When we spend our time in the Not Urgent/Important quadrant, we are being most effective.

  4. says

    The power of one is a most amazing power, Steven. Thank you for bringing it to the forefront of my attention today. I can really only do one thing at a time, well I guess I could do two things that require different amounts of cognitive power, but usually only one thing.

    It is so much easier to accomplish my goal if I have “a” goal and concentrate on that.
    Michael recently posted…Building Your DreamMy Profile

  5. says

    Great and refreshing article! Focus on what does work in your life, what does make you happy, what inspires you and you will keep yourself motivated. A great way to reinforce your focus is to meditate, breathe and allow yourself rest and quiet time.
    Candice Michelle recently posted…אוכל מוכן משלוחיםMy Profile

  6. says

    Another great suggestion………….my only challenge with it is…………….another GREAT idea that needs to be ‘implemented’ OR another great book or another great list or another etc etc etc.
    In our already stressful life filled with STUFF we want or try to add more STUFF!!!!!
    I love your site, it definitely is nutrition for the soul BUT sometimes all I want is…..a no brainer.
    Where is my automatic watering system.
    Thanks again & keep feeding these plant.

  7. says

    Hi Stephen,
    Went on bit of a goals hunt.
    One main distinction between some of the more famous (Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor) was some teach ‘be practical’ (measurable) & others teach impractical (no limits).
    Would be interested to know your thoughts.

  8. says

    I don’t know what I would do with all that money. All I want is to get better at the guitar, and help people, and do boxing and bodybuilding. I don’t need money for that.
    Sebastian recently posted…It’s Called MentorshipMy Profile

    • says

      Sebastian, you have a good point. If you can do the things that fulfill you and help others, without needing a lot of money, more power to you! :)


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