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  1. Tonya Heathco


    So glad I found you and found this specific blog post. I’ll be reading it several times to soak up the quality content. Focus is my main challenge. Refreshing to read it is a challenge in others lives as well.
    Know that your motivation and your leadership are having a positive effect on my life and my business. Your knowledge helps me grow.
    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and on recognizing this step makes you a better parent and husband.

    Thank you for sharing,

    Tonya Heathco
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    • Stephen Borgman

      Tonya, thank you so much for your encouraging words. Your encouragement has a positive effect on my life and business as well. Even as I reflect on your comment, I realize how ironic it is that I often prioritize tasks above relationships. If I suddenly had two weeks left to live, I don’t think tasks would be the first thing on my mind: I’d want to make sure that I was spending quality time with my loved ones. Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Jim Talbott

    Hey Stephen ~ What a great post and reminder that we really need to focus our energies on one major goal at a time. All too often as you have pointed out here we get distracted by a myriad of other things that enter our lives. Having a tool such as you present here is invaluable in getting to that place where we can identify that one area where we want to see more success and then actually making that happen.

    I can certainly see by using this method that I will be able to look back at the end of the year and know that I have been successful at my one goal because I was able to find and maintain that laser focus.
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  3. Stephen Borgman

    Jim, thank you very much for stopping by :) It’s true that without this reflection, we can often pursue our goals and not notice that we are drifting in other areas of our life. I’m very interested to know about your travels, so I look forward to following you around the globe :)

  4. Candice Michelle

    For the question “In which role do I want to have a breakthrough?” Honestly, as of now, still it is not clear to me whether which role I want to have a breakthrough. I don’t know the exact reason why. I guess I need to go back and refocus what I want to be. By the way, thank you so much for this wonderful insight. This is an enlightenment for me.
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